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Technological innovation is the key for new energy vehicles to become the first tier in the world

under the innovation driven development strategy, China's new energy vehicle enterprises continue to develop and progress, and the pure electric vehicle technology has achieved integrated, intelligent and lightweight development, and has achieved good market results

driven by technological innovation, independent brands return to the "fast track"

in 2016, the sales of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 507000, while this year, the sales of new energy vehicles in China is expected to exceed 700000. The rapid growth of production and sales reflects that the information technology level of China's new energy vehicles, including manufacturers, batch numbers and raw material batches, is increasingly recognized by consumers, which is also the result of independent new energy vehicle brands adhering to positive development and specialized research on the core technology of three electricity

for example, in terms of "pure electric drive" power system integration technology, BAIC bjev has always adhered to the research and development and upgrading of the "three electric" core technologies of battery, motor and electronic control. The independently developed e-motion drive technology has the characteristics of high integration, high efficiency, high safety, low energy consumption and low radiation, and the energy conversion rate reaches 96% to ensure the maximization of endurance. The intuitive embodiment of this technology, It is the "long and solid endurance" characteristics of BAIC bjev's eu400, eu260, ec200 and other models, which impressed many car owners

Lei tingsheng, President and CEO of EFS Automotive Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. in Austria, also said in an interview: "the range calibration of BAIC bjev's model is the closest to the actual test value."

independent brands not only work hard on endurance, but also constantly innovate according to national conditions and Chinese usage habits. In order to ensure the charging speed of the battery under the low temperature in northern winter, BAIC bjev took the lead in developing the low-temperature pre heating technology and applied it to EC, EU and other models. When the temperature is too low, the low temperature pre heating system (BMS) will use part of the power charged by the charging pile. This research result was published in the journal advanced functional materials to heat the battery, improve the battery activity and ensure the charging efficiency

the application of innovative technology based on the needs of users will naturally be favored by users, which is also the key for BAIC new energy and other independent new energy vehicle enterprises to gradually catch up with and surpass foreign new energy vehicle enterprises. Reflected in the market, in August this year, the sales volume of BAIC new energy EC series reached 6726, ranking first in the global market in a single month, which once again made the world aware of the rapid development of China's independent new energy vehicles

from "made in China" to "smart made in China", new energy vehicles will speed up again

it is worth noting that in terms of technological innovation, this year's 19th national congress report also specifically emphasized that "promoting interconnection, this product line will have three kinds of colors, big data, artificial intelligence and the deep integration of the real economy." In terms of artificial intelligence, China's new energy vehicle industry has also begun to plan its layout

take BAIC bjev as an example, it has signed cooperation agreements with Baidu, Huawei and others to gradually land driverless vehicles while in-depth research and development of autonomous driving technology and smart link

in 2016, BAIC bjev and Baidu jointly built a driverless car equipped with "I-Drive intelligent driving technology" and reaching L4 level. In this year's world Intelligent Driving Challenge (widc), the modified ex260 model equipped with driverless technology won three awards: the "leading Award", "Application Award" and "best Signal Recognition Award". Aiming at the supply of medium and high-end aluminum products in the fields of automobile, aerospace, consumer electronics, power equipment, rail transit equipment and so on, BAIC bjev will launch et400 models, which will also be equipped with high-level intelligent auxiliary driving system

driven by the "double points" policy, new energy vehicles will usher in a new round of competitive development. Only by adhering to the road of technological innovation can China's independent new energy brands resist the impact of foreign brands, transform from "first mover advantage" to "leading advantage", become a "national business card" like high-speed rail, and help achieve the goal of Chinese brand automobile enterprises' production and sales volume entering the top ten in the world by 2025

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