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Technological innovation of packaging industry (I)

with the development of China's national economy and China's entry into WTO, the packaging industry has become the 16th industry in 40 major industries of the national economy, with an annual total output value of more than 200 billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of%. Therefore, the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of China's packaging industry is the key to meet the needs of the development of China's packaging market economy

throughout the course of China's packaging industry, it is not difficult to find that state-owned enterprises have achieved economic benefits through technological transformation, technology introduction, new product development, design and manufacturing, that is, technological innovation. However, many packaging enterprises have not yet found the way to achieve innovation. Even those enterprises that have achieved technological innovation lack the ability of continuous innovation. Once technological innovation is imitated by competitors, they are in trouble again. Therefore, the key to promoting the development of China's packaging industry in the next few decades and even in the longer historical period is to form technological innovation ability in time and quickly improve the technological innovation mechanism

technological innovation refers to the technological and economic activities related to the development and commercial application of new products, new processes and new equipment. It is the core and key of technological progress. Its main feature is to achieve the combination of technology and economy, emphasizing that the market is the ultimate goal to test the success of innovation. Therefore, in essence, high-tech innovation is not only a scientific research activity, but also a differentiated market positioning movement for economic activity and justice. The formation of packaging technology innovation ability does not depend on people's subjective will, but on objective economic laws

Based on the theory of technological innovation and the development law of packaging technology, this paper analyzes the new characteristics of packaging technology innovation and providing local supply services for the Asian market, and its significance to the development of packaging industry, which provides some reference and Enlightenment for the decision-making of packaging technology innovation

1. Basic characteristics of packaging technology innovation

because packaging is a system engineering, involving machinery, materials, automation, art, management and other disciplines, at the same time, packaging is one of the fields in which various new technologies are first applied. Therefore, the competition of goods that can be used for up to 5 (1) 0 years is largely determined by the competition of new packaging technology. Packaging technology has the following basic characteristics:

1.1 high tech

the application and breakthrough of high technology in the packaging field can cause a qualitative leap in the packaging industry. For example, the emergence of corrugated box has become a major packaging form with its superior performance. The successful development of honeycomb corrugated board, Make it a cheap and good packaging material instead of wood and steel

1.2 high investment, high efficiency

high technology determines high investment. High investment is one of the important characteristics of large-scale production. The characteristics of high investment determine that the packaging innovation decision is a sweeping method: replacing the pressure stabilizing spring with appropriate stiffness or cleaning dirt is based on high investment intensity

high investment also means high return. Packaging technology innovative products are the value created by high intellectual labor. Compared with traditional packaging products, the value of knowledge contained is several times or even dozens of times higher

1.3 technology intersection comprehensive

technological innovation in other fields often appears in a separate form, while packaging technology innovation is no longer a single subject development, but a combination of natural science and social science, interdisciplinary, in the form of groups. (to be continued)

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