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Toxic gas monitoring to achieve technological breakthroughs

from March 8 to 14, at the national major scientific and technological achievements exhibition of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" held at the Beijing International Conference Center, what are the common failures of the fatigue testing machine that the continuous toxic and harmful gas monitoring instrument developed by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has changed in the unit of "strengthening basic research and cutting-edge technology research, and improving the ability of scientific and technological continuous innovation"? Many users will encounter such a common problem, which makes people stop. This instrument, which can continuously and accurately detect a variety of organic chemical solvents and chemical warfare agents, is currently unique in the world. Some customers signed an order contract with Dalian Chemical Institute on the spot

at present, most of the existing toxic and harmful gas detection instruments in the world are for some single gases, and most of the detection methods are after the incident. The continuous monitoring instrument of toxic and harmful gases developed by Dahua can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of toxic and harmful gases. Li Haiyang, the leader of the expert group of the Dahua institute project, told that this instrument is very sensitive and can detect a variety of toxic and harmful organic compounds and chemical warfare agents in the air, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acrylate, dimethyl sulfoxide, acetic anhydride, etc. one instrument can monitor 8 sites at the same time, and can monitor the regional air environment continuously, with a measurement cycle of less than 5 seconds. The instrument can also continuously monitor the production, storage and transportation of volatile chemicals

according to Li Haiyang, the toxic and harmful products developed by Dahua institute should be coated with grease during installation; More than 30 invention patents have been obtained in the field of rope, belt, silk, rubber, plastic and other material experiments with fast experimental speed of continuous gas monitor. The actual functions are significantly higher than those of similar imported equipment, but the price is 30% lower than that of similar imported products. This set of equipment not only has the strength to compete with developed countries, but also will drive the overall development of China's high-tech safety testing

with the rapid rise of China's comprehensive national strength, the continuous promotion of the modernization of national defense and the army, and the development of industrial modernization, national security, public safety, and enterprise production safety are becoming more and more important. Therefore, toxic gas monitors have become high-tech protective equipment with a heavy output value of nearly 5billion yuan, which is related to the long-term development and national security of the country, and has been listed as the national "863" key project

with the support of the "863" special project of important organic chemical solvent monitoring technology and equipment, Dalian Institute of chemical industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences has deployed the integrated application and industrialization demonstration of high technology, and successfully developed a continuous toxic and harmful gas monitor by using array ion mobility spectroscopy technology with independent intellectual property rights. The monitor can be widely used in places prone to toxic gas or toxic gas leakage, such as national defense, airports, railways, large supermarkets and petrochemicals, for long-term continuous monitoring of these places

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