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Yarn Exhibition: chemical fiber enterprises show their style

at the 7th China International Textile yarn exhibition, chemical fiber enterprises not only show their innovative products, but also show their innovative strength

Tongkun group: modified polyester products are widely used

the products exhibited by Tongkun group are the company's dominant varieties - cationic, Dayou silk, black silk, composite silk and other series of polyester products, with large market demand and a wide range of applications. They can be used not only in clothing, but also in interior decoration, especially in differentiated fabrics or product substitution

Tongkun group has been committed to the development of new products and technological innovation. In the future, fiber will make an issue of green and environmental protection, and promoting low-carbon economic products is more in line with the future consumer trend

Yantai spandex: special fibers create new economic growth points

the three series of products of Yantai spandex in this exhibition are: spandex, meta aramid and para aramid. Industrial textiles are a new textile category that the state focuses on cultivating and developing, and the market prospect is very broad. For example, the coarse denier spandex developed for these needs is suitable for medical and health textiles

meta aramid products won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award. It does not need chemical treatment, that is, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and flame retardance. It is widely used in the field of industrial textiles, and can be processed into high-temperature filter materials, fire clothing, automotive hose base cloth, etc. At present, the intermediate aramid production capacity of Yantai spandex group ranks second in the world, reaching more than 4600 tons

the development trend of fiber in the future must be people-oriented, safety, environmental protection and leading technology. The group will always take the lead in the research and development of new fibers, continuously increase scientific research and investment, and make due contributions to the construction of a textile power

Xinmin chemical fiber: the ultra-fine denier fiber with insufficient strength is the dominant product of the enterprise

this year, the ultra-fine denier fiber FDY and tapestry fiber full extinction series products will be displayed. The technical content of ultra-fine denier fiber is much higher than that of ordinary fiber. Therefore, the company invests a lot of money and manpower every year to study, modify existing products according to market changes, or develop other new products

at present, PTT fiber and T100 fiber, the new products recently developed by the company, are being produced in small batches to test the product effect. It will be promoted to the society when the time is ripe. It is believed that differentiation and functionalization will be the development direction in the future

Jinhui Chemical Fiber: focus on the display of composite functional products

the focus of the display is the products with composite functions and special functions. It mainly includes four series: Safety (permanent flame retardant, anti UV, anti-static), environmental protection (titanium, regeneration, cotton like, wool like), health (antibacterial, bamboo charcoal, coconut charcoal, anion, far infrared), comfort (ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, automatic cooling, moisture absorption and warmth retention)

in the past, the function of textiles was mainly realized by finishing process, which had problems such as non permanent function, high resource consumption, environmental pollution and so on. Jinhui Chemical fiber is a national functional differentiation fiber development base, leading product - functional China's key development trend: polyester filament with great emerging industry potential is copolymerized and blended through chemical and physical modification, and through the requirements of longitudinal load and transverse load borne by locks: the combination of machine and inorganic can make the product permanently safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and suitable. At the same time, improving resource utilization is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction

the development of textile fabrics integrating comfort, leisure and health care is the trend of future development, and textiles with special functions will further expand to the field of popular clothing fabrics. With the improvement of scientific and technological level, we can also design, develop and produce tapestry products with special functions and low-carbon environmental protection according to the physiological needs of human body, so as to lead consumption and expand the market

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