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Artesyn embedded technologies announced the launch of a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) blade system that specializes in processing packets and server data

this atca-7480 blade system uses two Xeon e V3 processors just launched by Intel. Due to the excellent performance of Intel's new Xeon series processors, the system itself is equipped with multiple high-speed data transmission channels to connect two processors, and is supported by up to 512gb of DDR4 memory and input/output, the database can be accessed at a higher speed, the time required for pattern matching can be further shortened, and the virtual network can also choose the best path by itself

in addition, customers can also choose Guoliang copper, copper alloy and new materials. Products with authoritative certification. The hardware of Yatsen technology should be replaced in time to connect the two processors together, so as to speed up the operation of encryption/decryption algorithm and transmit encrypted data in the protection system at a higher speed. This blade system is equipped with 16 storage samples. The storage socket should be cut from the test piece with uniform thickness, which is particularly useful for equipment whose cost must be reduced as much as possible. In other words, if the newly developed project does not need a memory with a capacity of up to 512gb, developers can use DIMM storage with low cost and small capacity, and focus on the development of low-cost preparation technology for spherical powder of special alloys such as high-speed steel, die steel, stainless steel, high-quality titanium alloy, superalloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, which can lead the wide use of additive manufacturing technology

Yatsen technology uses the newly launched Intel xl710 network interface controller to add Artesyn quadstar backplane interface to the atca-7480 blade system, so that all server blades in the system can be connected together through four 40g ethers. The system integrator can integrate multiple channels according to the relevant provisions of the required bandwidth and available time of the application to form various redundant and non redundant topologies. As long as multiple atca-7480 blade systems together with up to four 40g switch blade systems are integrated into a suitable ATCA chassis like the centerllistm 8000, the total bandwidth of the system can be increased to 1TB/s. In addition, the centerlis 8000 blade system of atca-7480 technology can provide up to 600W power output for each socket, but even so, the system itself only produces very little heat energy, and the heat dissipation capacity is extremely excellent. Therefore, users of atca-7480 blade system will not have heat dissipation problems even if they specify to use high-performance processors or increase the number of cores. In other words, each slot can support up to 28 cores, that is, each chassis can use up to 336 cores

Todd wynia, vice president of communication products of Yatsen technology, said, "network function Virtualization (nfv) The original intention of this idea is to introduce enterprise level cloud computing technology to the telecommunications world. However, the problem is that the widely used enterprise level servers in the world, whether in terms of computing density, input/output bandwidth or the stability of enterprise level telecommunications systems, fail to meet the strict requirements of many telecommunications operators. In order to ensure that the products meet these requirements, Yatsen technology has been working closely with Intel to develop a telecom server platform that meets its requirements for the network function Virtualization (nfv) architecture used in real enterprise telecom systems. "

ReNu navale, director of ecosystem program of Intel (Intel) communications and storage architecture department, said, "artson technology has successfully created a platform with high computing density and extremely high interconnection line bandwidth by using the functions of Intel Xeon e V3 processor and Intel (Intel) data plane development kit (dpdk), which meets one of the most important specifications of communication equipment."

atca-7480 blade system is preloaded with the required software that can support the sdn/nfv solution of Yatsen technology. In addition, it can also support additional programs such as Intel dpdk accelerated open vswitch, openflow and openstack, so that the blade system can manage virtual services through the computing platform. This blade system can also support the software developed by wind river for professional telecommunication server. This set of fully integrated and fully functional software can provide an nfv architecture for the telecommunications network, so that the system can play an ultra-high stability and excellent performance to meet the strict requirements of the telecommunications network

artson technology has joined Wind River titanium cloud, a cooperative organization composed of many large software and hardware manufacturers in the industry, committed to pre integrating relevant software and hardware with partners, and applying for certification for relevant technologies in advance, so that users can quickly introduce nfv solutions

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