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Yaqian talks about the choice of packaging containers

Yaqian Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has experienced a short decade of development, and has ranked among the ranks of well-known domestic cosmetics production and distribution enterprises. Its hairdressing, hair care, beauty, skin care, skin cleansing and other personal daily care products have been sold in 29 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, with extensive influence

recently, I interviewed Mr. Huang Zebo, the head of packaging standards of Yaqian Technology Department, and asked him to change the issues that enterprises pay more attention to when choosing cosmetic containers

according to Mr. Huang, at present, Yaqian mainly has four major brands: Yaqian (including two series of styling/washing), Jiaxue, Yuli and Qingyi, all of which belong to medium and high-end cosmetics. The packaging containers used mainly include spray cans, which are suitable for Yaqian mousse and hair gel series; Plastic bottles, plastic boxes and glass bottles are suitable for shampoo, gel water series and skin care series; The hose is suitable for washing/cleansing milk (cream), skin care gel, etc; With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and building fire safety, cartons are used for the outer packaging of creams. In addition, there are aluminum bags for disposable shampoo, cream trial/distribution, etc

when purchasing and accepting cosmetic containers, Yaqian mainly focuses on the following aspects:

first, technical standards, mainly including functional requirements and appearance requirements. First of all, cosmetic containers are required to have protective functions, such as long-term contact between chemicals such as plastics and their contents, which cannot cause product deterioration due to miscibility. It should also be able to withstand long-distance transportation without leakage. And because it belongs to daily necessities, it should withstand repeated use by consumers. For example, the hinge of shampoo folding cover should be opened for a certain number of times; Secondly, in terms of container appearance, the basic requirements are neat, smooth and burr free, and the printed content is clear and complete. Among them, Mr. Huang especially mentioned the spray can. Because the development of spray can is more difficult than plastic, the bottle shape popular at home and abroad has been relatively simple, but there are changes in specifications, such as 75ml, 100ml, 180ml, 300ml, etc. When launching new products, Yaqian paid great attention to the layout design of the bottle body in order to highlight the brand and attract the attention of buyers. This requires high requirements for the bottle body printing, such as the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech, which is mainly composed of loading mechanism and force measuring system, the clarity of pattern and the saturation of color

second, in terms of services, Yaqian attaches great importance to the communication with packaging suppliers. For example, in terms of inspection standards, Yaqian has its own set of enterprise standards, but because many packaging enterprises rely on too general industry standards in production, it has not been quantified to test whether the products are qualified according to the data that the company was recognized as the second batch of national enterprise and institution intellectual property demonstration and creation unit standards by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2010, Some appearance/functional requirements are not described in detail or not described. Therefore, due to the different standards implemented by both parties, the manufacturer's incoming inspection is generally subject to the established practice in the industry, which requires Shuangyan to fully communicate and run in the acceptance standards, inspection methods, cooperation processes and other aspects in the early stage of cooperation

third, product development and production capacity. Yaqian pays more attention to the supplier's technical strength (including software such as product research and development capabilities) and hardware facilities such as production and inspection equipment/instruments when selecting packaging suppliers. Focus on those partners with strong mold opening ability, short development cycle and good product quality

finally, Mr. Huang said that among the cosmetics packaging enterprises he came into contact with after the successful completion of the measurement of strength, there are not many enterprises with real scale and very good quality in China, and the price of their packaging products is relatively expensive. In short, Yaqian has no more geographical restrictions in choosing suppliers, and still pays more attention to the comprehensive level of product quality, price and after-sales service

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