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2002-2007 Beijing highway construction regulations

2002-2007 Beijing highway construction regulations

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highway construction projects are divided into:

highways: build the Fifth Ring Road, the Sixth Ring Road, the Beijing Chengde expressway, and the airport connecting line of the Beijing Chengde expressway. Do a good job in the preliminary work of the reconstruction and expansion of the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Expressway and strive to implement it, It forms Beijing Expressway with the existing 8 radioactive expressways. Expressways and urban expressways form a highway (Urban Road) Expressway with ring roads and radiation in Beijing

trunk highways: the reconstruction of national highway 102 (Tongzhou section), 104 (Caiyu section), 107 (Liangxiang section), 108 (Bajiao village WoLonggang section, Hebei town jiayukou section), 109 (Junzhuang Anjiazhuang section), 110 (Yanqing section), 111 (Lishui bridge Yunhe bridge section) covers a total of 147 kilometers. The national highway trunk and expressway form Beijing highway external traffic corridor; Pay attention to the connection with urban roads, rebuild 29 roads, including Tongshun Road, Jingzhou Road, Zhangfeng Road, Pingji road and Pingmi Road, with a total length of 391 kilometers. Improve the trunk roads in Beijing. Research data show that replacing plastic packaging with other materials will increase the weight of packaging by 4.5 times

rural roads: including county roads and township roads. As the supplement and extension of trunk roads, combined with the "two strategic shifts" of Beijing's development, the construction of county roads and township roads should be increased to meet the needs of the construction and development of small towns. County Roads: 440 km new and 884 km reconstructed. Township roads: 620 km new and 1231 km rebuilt. Focus on "access project" and "poverty relief road", step by step improve the grade and pavement rate of rural roads with force measurement accuracy better than 0.5, and improve rural roads

Olympic road: in addition to highways, a total of 55 kilometers of new Baima road and reconstructed Chaobai River left embankment road and right embankment road will be built to provide perfect road transportation infrastructure for the Olympic venues in Shunyi district. Roads connecting with other means of transportation: in addition to the road airport connection line where the force measurement stability of the Jingcheng high-speed test machine connecting the capital airport is determined by the quality of the sensor, it is reconstructed to avoid accidents during the impact, including Liangguan Road, Shayang Road, Huinan Road, changcui Road, Shunyu Road, Longtang Road, Tongming South Road in Liangxiang, Huilongguan, Shunyi, Changping, Tongzhou and other regions, totaling 91 kilometers, To meet the needs of passenger flow distribution of rail transit

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