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Increase capital Kunshan foreign investors are optimistic about the special steel market for construction machinery

increase capital Kunshan foreign investors are optimistic about the special steel market for construction machinery

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Guide: on May 14, the Swedish steel company (SSAB) held a press conference in the Swedish Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo. Peiwenguo, who assumed the president of the company's Asia Pacific region at the beginning of the year, said: at this WorldExpo, The construction of the Swedish Pavilion uses energy-saving precoated steel plates that can be applied to Swedish steel in cold working conditions, which can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 15%

on May 14, the Swedish Steel Company (SSAB) held a press conference at the Swedish Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo. Peiwenguo, who assumed the new president of the company's Asia Pacific region at the beginning of the year, said: "at this WorldExpo, the construction of the Swedish Pavilion used the energy-saving precoated steel plate of Swedish steel, which can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 15%. This steel is characterized by lighter, stronger and easier processing."

in the future, the company hopes that the high-end steel it produces can be more applied to China's construction machinery market. In fact, construction machinery is also the entry point for the company to enter China

Produce social benefits

high end survival

Swedish steel salesperson told that the company's product price is two to three times that of ordinary products, but it has excellent performance in strength, toughness and wear resistance. Therefore, despite the high price, there is no lack of fans in China

not long ago, Sany group caused a sensation in the industry due to the launch of kiloton cranes, Liumunan, assistant to the president of Sany truck crane company, said: "with the soaring oil price and environmental problems receiving more and more attention, it is increasingly urgent to make construction machinery energy-saving. At the same time, the market urgently needs equipment with increasing lifting power. It is difficult to achieve a good balance between these two requirements. Our company has solved this problem through first-class design and the use of Vida high-strength steel plate of Swedish steel."

Shi Xianxin, deputy general manager of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., has worked in the company for more than 20 years. In 1988, he first came into contact with Swedish steel products. "At that time, our partners used Swedish steel products, which left us a deep impression." He said, "thanks to the characteristics of high-strength steel plate, we can produce products that are lighter but still have excellent performance. High strength steel has become one of the heroes of our company's development since then. In the past, our crane lifting capacity was up to 50 tons, and now our product lifting capacity is ten times that."

China has now become the world's largest steel market, especially the rapidly developing engineering and heat absorption and automotive industries. The demand for high-strength steel plates is growing. Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Xuzhou Heavy machinery, Chang'an Lingyun and other enterprises are long-term customers of Swedish steel. Peiwenguo said that there are also huge differences in greenhouse gas emissions during the whole life cycle of cars with front-end components made of steel, aluminum and magnesium. "Although China's real estate regulation may cause overcapacity in China's steel industry, the demand for high-end steel is still strong."

Swedish steel is the world's largest supplier of high-strength steel, and its production centers are located in Sweden and the United States respectively. The company's business mainly includes: automobile, energy, mining industry, factory machinery, heavy transportation equipment, etc. The company was formed in 1978 by the merger of three Swedish steel manufacturing enterprises with protective covers [universal material testing machine] whose appearance adopts extrusion sealing plate and high-grade paint treatment. In its early days, it aspired to become a leader in the quenched and tempered steel industry. Its high-strength steel has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness and high toughness, which is attributed to the purity of steel and unique production technology

in 2007, Swedish steel acquired ipsco, a North American steel company. The company has two modern plate mills. At present, the company also occupies an important position in the North American market

China opportunity

as the world's largest manufacturer of ultra-high strength steel plates, Swedish steel has five production bases in the world, three in Sweden and two in the United States. The company entered China in the 1990s. In addition to establishing sales representative offices in Beijing and other places, it also established a research and development and technical service center in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 2007. In the first quarter of this year, the sales revenue of Swedish steel reached US $1.21 billion, an increase of 10% year-on-year

at present, Scandinavia and North America are the two main markets of Swedish steel. In recent years, they have begun to focus on emerging markets such as China and Brazil

it is reported that the company has invested 300million yuan to build a high-strength steel production line in Kunshan. It is estimated that by 2015, the proportion of sales in the Asia Pacific region in the total output value will increase from 7% in 2008 to 20%

faksander, the CEO of the company, revealed that in order to achieve the goal of 20% of the total output value in 2015, Swedish steel restructured the company, established an Asia Pacific team, and set up an Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai. After being put into operation in August next year, Kunshan base will be able to provide 100000 tons of high-end steel for the Asia Pacific market

faksander said that with the development of China, the demand for high-strength steel used in heavy machinery and automobile industry will be great. An additional investment of 300million yuan to build Kunshan high-strength steel production line will greatly shorten the operating cost and delivery cycle, and further enhance the competitiveness in China

peiwenguo proposed that Swedish steel will not only provide steel supply to Chinese customers, but also develop long-term cooperation and jointly create value through technical exchanges

"there is no doubt that China will drive the global demand for steel in the future. For Swedish steel, the importance of the Chinese market is increasing, and we will expand our local organization and further expand our business in China." Faksander expressed such views to the media

at the same time, he also said that since the Swedish steel company invested in building a rolling production line in Kunshan service center in China, it has no intention to invest in building a plant in Asia. The company does not intend to invest in China, mainly because it invests in establishing joint ventures in the Chinese market. Swedish steel is only a small shareholder and has no way to control the enterprise situation, which will take a lot of risks

in his view, China is a market with huge steel output and demand, and I believe that the products of Swedish steel company will also have a large sales volume in China. At the same time, China is also a good but immature market for the development of high-grade steel plates

Swedish steel company has an efficient and low-cost production base in North America. Although there are transportation costs, it is still competitive in the Chinese market. In the short term, the company will focus on internal growth

comments: construction machinery is basically composed of steel materials. In its product cost composition, steel accounts for about 30%. With the increasing development of China's construction machinery industry, the market prospect of steel for construction machinery is broad

however, due to the particularity of the operating conditions, operating objects and operating environment of construction machinery, its requirements for the steel used should have good wear resistance, sufficient impact resistance, fatigue resistance, low-temperature toughness and certain corrosion resistance in addition to the general strength, rigidity, welding performance, etc. This puts forward higher requirements for steel

at present, ultra-high strength steel for construction machinery with a yield strength of 960 MPa is widely used in the industry. As it is one of the highest strength grades of similar products so far, China has long relied on imports

among domestic steel production enterprises, in addition to Baosteel's successful introduction of ultra-high strength hot rolled steel for construction machinery in recent years to partially replace imports, the relevant steel market is still firmly occupied by several foreign-funded steel enterprises such as Sweden. This will have a negative impact on the industry to further reduce costs and improve core competitiveness. Therefore, how domestic steel production enterprises develop and promote the use of various high-strength steels is of great significance to the development of the industry

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