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2012 spring and summer yarn exhibition highlights fashion and technology

on March 29, 2012 China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition opened in Beijing. It is reported that the theme of this exhibition is "fashion + technology + low carbon", which is more fashionable and technological. "OEM companies hope to reduce the atmosphere of manufacturing work

Wang Tiankai, President of the China Textile Industry Federation, Du Yuzhou and Xu Kunyuan, Honorary Presidents, Gao Yong, vice president and secretary general, sun Ruizhe, Zhang Yankai, Xu Wenying and Xia Lingmin, vice presidents, Xu Yingxin, assistant president and executive vice president of the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, and heads of professional associations such as cotton spinning, knitting, chemical fiber, wool spinning and hemp spinning visited the exhibition site to feel the charm of new yarns, Learn about the production and operation of enterprises and put forward ardent hopes for industrial upgrading

according to the introduction, the exhibition area of this exhibition reached 5500 square meters, and 153 enterprises from 11 countries and regions showed their latest products one after another. In terms of the number of exhibitors and exhibition area, this exhibition is the largest in the nine years since the yarn exhibition was founded. It is particularly worth mentioning that the number of overseas exhibitors in this exhibition has broken through the past, and textile yarn enterprises from India, Pakistan, Turkey and other cotton producing countries have organized groups to participate in the exhibition

because there are many uncertain factors in the industry prospect, upstream and downstream enterprises are extremely concerned about the new trend of product development, he added. On the first day of the exhibition, the yarn exhibition showed strong popularity. At the scene, many well-known enterprises gathered in front of the booth, and the exhibition area of overseas enterprises and the exhibition area after the experiment of "colorful life and fashion nylon" attracted a large number of visitors

in the 2013 spring and summer yarn fashion trend release area, we can see that more than 100 kinds of new yarn and knitting and tatting samples from 18 exhibitors are displayed here, which reflects the core concept of the 2013 spring and summer fashion trend. In addition, enterprises also pay more attention to the image display of themselves and products in the booth layout, and have their own characteristics in the product layout and booth design

from the perspective of exhibits, "differentiation" and "functionality" have become the key words of this exhibition. The functional fibers and differentiated fibers developed by various enterprises, such as low melting point fibers, liquid dyed polyester microfiber, regenerated cellulose fibers, flame-retardant fibers, have attracted extensive attention of visitors. Qili spinning yarn, slub yarn, special cloud spot yarn, filament and staple core spun yarn, compact spinning, Tencel, modal, water-soluble yarn, untwisted yarn and hollow yarn are very eye-catching, attracting the attention of many industry insiders

During the same period of the exhibition, representatives of 11 well-known fiber and yarn enterprises at home and abroad gave special lectures, introducing in detail the development direction of new fibers and the development trend of yarns. In addition, the 2012/2013 China fiber fashion trend conference, chemical fiber knitting industry innovation forum and other activities are also the highlights of this exhibition. Industry experts can take this platform to deeply interpret the latest development and application trends of fiber products for participants, and form a good atmosphere of in-depth exchange, exchange of needs and common development in the industry

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