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Ye Luzhong met with Zhang Ke, vice president of Shanghai Electric Group and his party on September 18, mayor Ye Luzhong met with Zhang Ke, vice president of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. The two sides held discussions and exchanges on strengthening project docking cooperation. Sun Jun, vice mayor, and Lu Chun, Secretary General of the municipal government attended the meeting

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, ye Luzhong extended a warm welcome to Zhang Ke and his delegation, thanked Shanghai Electric Group and other sectors of society for their concern and support for the development of Lu'an, and briefly introduced the city situation and economic and social development

Ye Luzhong said that Lu'an is an old revolutionary base area integrating mountainous areas, reservoir areas and flood storage areas along the Huaihe River. It made great sacrifices and contributions to the country during the revolutionary war and the construction of new China. Since the establishment of the city, the whole city has made great progress in economic and social development by giving full play to its comprehensive advantages of superior location, convenient transportation and excellent ecology, working together and forging ahead. At present, Lu'an Municipal Party committee and government are fully promoting poverty eradication and Rural Revitalization and accelerating the pace of economic and social development in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial Party committees and governments and the requirements of high-quality development. The focus of development is to rely on the advantageous location and traffic conditions, focus on the dislocation layout and complementary development with the provincial capital Hefei, and vigorously develop key industries such as culture and tourism, logistics and health care; In terms of industrial economic development, it mainly relies on the existing park development platform to develop key industries such as equipment manufacturing, green food, new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, mining and metallurgy. We hope to further strengthen exchanges and precise docking with Shanghai Electric, conduct in-depth communication in rural environmental governance, urban rail transit, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields, carry out project pilot, demonstration, formulate a platform construction plan for sharing new material resources, start implementation, and carry out in-depth cooperation to achieve a win-win situation

Zhang Ke introduced the relevant situation of Shanghai Electric, saying that he was full of confidence in the development of Lu'an under the superposition support of multiple national policies and the cooperation between enterprises and Lu'an. He would further strengthen research and docking, give play to his own advantages in technology and other aspects, and serve the green development of Lu'an

it is understood that Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive equipment manufacturing group, which was selected into the 2017 global manufacturing 500 and fortune China 500. The leading industry focuses on energy equipment, industrial equipment and integrated services, and is committed to providing customers with green, environmental friendly, intelligent and interconnected technology integration and system solutions. Products include power generation, environmental protection, rail transit, etc

On September 17, mayor Ye Luzhong went to Lu'an economic and Technological Development Zone to investigate the progress of key projects. He stressed that we should focus on the real economy, revitalize stock resources, focus on key projects, expand industrial scale, and constantly promote the high-quality development of the city's economy. Wang Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department, the first Secretary of the working committee and director of the Management Committee of Lu'an Development Zone, Sun Jun, vice mayor, Lu Chun, Secretary General of the municipal government, and heads of relevant departments directly under the municipal government accompanied the investigation

Ye Luzhong successively came to the construction sites of key projects such as ChuanHua logistics, Changjiang Seiko science and Technology Innovation Park, Fuchun IOT, b-bao logistics project, etc. to check the construction progress of the project on the spot and communicate with the project leader on the problems existing in the process of promoting the project

at the subsequent symposium, ye Luzhong pointed out that since this year, the development zone has adhered to the principle of "one body, three priorities", focused on the development of real industries, and continuously strengthened the promotion of key projects, and achieved remarkable results in economic development. He stressed the need to further strengthen work measures, constantly improve functional support, optimize industrial layout, focus on key projects, extend the industrial chain, and promote industrial agglomeration

Ye Luzhong stressed that Lu'an, as a central city in the Dabie Mountains, a national land transportation hub city, and a sub central city in the Hefei metropolitan area, should comprehensively consider giving full play to the regional transportation advantages, dislocation layout with Hefei, complementary development and other factors to position and plan the development of the logistics industry, and put the logistics industry in an important position to promote high-quality economic development. We should actively cultivate and introduce a number of leading logistics enterprises, effectively integrate logistics resources, improve the level of projects, expand the scale of the industry, and gradually build a number of industrial clusters with the logistics industry as the main body

Ye Luzhong pointed out that we should focus on implementing the innovation driven strategy. The Yangtze River precision industry science and technology innovation park project is in line with the overall direction of the innovative development and leapfrog rise of the city's industrial economy. It is necessary to further accelerate the pace of construction, increase investment attraction, rely on the platform of the science and Technology Innovation Park, actively introduce a number of high-tech enterprises with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits and strong driving effect, and truly build the science and technology innovation park project into an influential demonstration Industrial Park in the city and even the whole province. We should actively promote opening-up and development, accelerate the progress of B Bao logistics project, constantly enhance the development momentum of export-oriented enterprises, and improve the internationalization and modernization level of enterprises in the development zone

Sun Jun put forward specific requirements for the promotion of relevant key projects

On the morning of September 19, mayor Ye Luzhong went to the central urban area to investigate the resettlement work. He stressed that we should continue to speed up and pressurize, pay close attention to the quality of the project, and quickly promote the project, so as to ensure that the requisitioned and relocated citizens can live in the transition area where the particle size range is at the junction of atomic clusters and macro objects as soon as possible. Sun Jun, vice mayor, Lu Chun, Secretary General of the municipal government, and heads of relevant departments directly under the municipal government accompanied the investigation

Ye Luzhong successively came to the project sites of dongwangjiayuan phase I resettlement housing, the original museum, the shed renovation around the Qingnian Road vegetable market, the management housing on the west side of Gaocheng Square, the resettlement housing in Jinqiao community phase I, the site selection of the Water Conservancy Museum, the resettlement housing in Fenghuangyuan phase II, the resettlement housing in Yong'an community, the shed renovation of the water washing factory, etc., and learned on the spot that the construction of resettlement housing, the resettlement of land requisition and relocation, and the transformation of various work achievements in the creation of a civilized city were not smooth, And listen to the report of relevant principals on the progress of the project on site

Ye Luzhong pointed out that at present, it has entered the third quarter. All relevant units at all levels should, in accordance with the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year, reverse the construction period, increase the temperature and pressure, and speed up the construction progress of land acquisition and relocation and resettlement housing in the central urban area on the basis of widely soliciting public opinions and strictly ensuring the quality of the project, so as to exchange the actual results of land acquisition, relocation and resettlement work for the understanding and satisfaction of the public. We should actively promote the relocation settlement of the completed residential areas, strengthen the organization and scheduling, and improve all kinds of infrastructure and public service supporting facilities and property management services of the completed resettlement residential areas as soon as possible, so that the relocated residents can live at ease and comfortably as soon as possible. We should speed up the implementation of resettlement housing construction, strengthen scheduling and supervision, speed up the preliminary work of the project, and start construction as soon as possible

Ye Luzhong stressed that it is necessary to closely combine the transformation of shanty towns in the central urban area with the creation of civilized cities, effectively rectify the health dead corners in the urban and suburban areas, pay close attention to the streets and alleys, and resolutely put an end to uncivilized phenomena such as disorderly building, stacking, littering, sewage crossflow and so on. We should strengthen publicity, widely publicize the relevant policies, laws and regulations of the government on the transformation of shanty towns, and mobilize the citizens of land requisition and relocation to actively cooperate and actively participate in the work of shanty towns. We should establish political awareness, seriously deal with violations of discipline, law and corruption in the shed reform work, and effectively protect the interests of the masses

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