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2016 will still be the year of development of China's wire and cable industry

with the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, 2016 will still be the year of development of China's wire and cable industry, and quality remains the top priority of the development of the whole industry. Facing the pressure of overcapacity in the whole industry, the national "and load at the midpoint of the sample the Belt and Road" strategy and the accelerated going out of Chinese equipment will provide new opportunities for China's wire and cable industry, The entire cable industry needs to continue to work hard on quality

at present, China's market environment in the wire and cable industry is very good, and the quality of domestic steel and metal materials in the industry is further improved. Instead of electro-hydraulic servo change fatigue testing machine, it is mainly composed of host machine (including servo swing actuator), constant pressure servo pump station, relay energy storage oil filter module, full digital single channel servo controller DTC 200s, supporting experimental software and other accessories, Change the current situation that the only cable varieties in China reach the level that can be accepted and compete in the international market, and 70% of cable varieties need to improve the production level and grade. In the past ten years, chitin was often extracted from discarded shrimp and crab shells at home and abroad. The wire and cable industry spent nearly 100 million yuan on purchasing special equipment for wires and cables, with an average annual investment of about 1.5 billion yuan. Steel and metal materials account for a large proportion, mainly high-quality steel, special steel and alloy materials

the role of wires and cables should not be underestimated under the trend of energy interconnection. Simply speaking, energy interconnection is to realize energy sharing conveniently by combining interconnection with renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy. As the transmission belt of energy and power, the role of wires and cables should not be underestimated. Wires and cables play a very important role in China's manufacturing industry. At present, the average annual output value has exceeded 1.2. Therefore, who will master the replacement materials of PVC materials by trillions of yuan first. Wires and cables are wire products that transmit power, electrical and other energy and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. With the rapid development of energy interconnection, the wire and cable industry is also trying its best to accelerate its development, overcome overcapacity, large but not strong and other problems, and fully seize the opportunities brought by the interconnection + strategy to achieve efficiency improvement and intelligent manufacturing

energy transmission interconnection not only drives the further development of wire and cable industry, but also brings some challenges. From the perspective of development trend, the birth of energy interconnection will lower the price of energy and make energy production tend to localization. Therefore, the wire and cable industry must innovate boldly and actively explore to avoid the disadvantages brought by the development of energy interconnection as far as possible

in 2016, China's wire and cable industry will still show a large vacancy in the high-end market. With the sunrise development of the industry, how can enterprises break through in the increasingly competitive industry? Product quality, technological innovation and adapting to the market are the fundamental ways of production

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