Forest and grassland fire risk survey in Shandong

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Shandong: carry out forest and grassland fire risk survey

release date: Source: Shandong Provincial Department of natural resources (Provincial Forestry Bureau)

recently, Shandong Province can also avoid adverse effects on the environment through the recycling and reprocessing of products. The Department of natural resources set up an investigation team to the provincial forestry monitoring and Planning Institute to investigate the forest and grassland fire risk survey in the province, mainly focusing on forest combustibles, field fire sources Investigate key fire hazards such as disaster bearing bodies and fire engineering facilities, have a discussion with the leading group of the Planning Institute, and listen to the progress report in the production process

the research team pointed out that the forest and grassland fire risk survey is an integral part of the first comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters in China, and it is also a comprehensive survey with strong systematicness, interdisciplinary, new technology and great difficulty. The planning institute should carefully study, carefully sort out, accurately grasp the general ideas and technical methods of the survey work, and scientifically define the scope of forest and grassland fire risk survey according to the actual situation of Shandong Province. Through this census, we can find out the base number of forest and grassland fire risks in the whole province, find out the disaster prevention and resistance capacity of all regions in the province, objectively evaluate the forest and grassland fire risk level in all parts of the province and key regions, and provide authoritative fire risk information and scientific decision-making basis for governments at all levels to effectively carry out forest and grassland fire prevention and emergency management in order to deal with this contradiction

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