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Yatsen Technology launched a new maxcore industrial personal computer platform

Beijing, China - media outreach - December 19, 2017 - Artesyn embedded technologies announced the launch of the latest model of maxcore computing server platform series. This maxcore industrial computer (IPC) platform not only has extremely high performance and density, but also has a very flexible design, which can support a variety of different applications. Therefore, manufacturers in different industries can use this platform to develop a variety of different products, such as machine vision, video monitoring, data acquisition and control, data analysis, fog computing and other different systems

maxcore industrial personal computer platform

maxcore IPC platform adopts the system architecture that can support PCI Express. Therefore, as long as the PCIe card of Yatsen technology or any third-party or customized PCIe card is used, it can ensure that a variety of different functions such as computing, input/output or image processing meet the specification requirements Adidas - energy boost. The host board of maxcore IPC platform adopts Intel Xeon D processor and is equipped with 15 PCIe slots, of which 13 are full length and full height slots that meet the standard, so it can support various computing, input/output, acceleration and storage systems in heterogeneous systems. PCIe card slot can support high-performance dual width GPU cards, allowing manufacturers to have more different acceleration functions to choose from. This platform is equipped with four DDR4 DIMM memory sockets. The accuracy of experimental data can increase the random access memory (RAM) capacity of the system to 128GB. In addition, as long as we use the PCI expr of Yatsen technology to adopt different cards of 15kg, 30kg and 45kg experimental ess card series, we can flexibly match various memory modules. For example, developers can add nvme m.2 interface size to this platform. The purpose of this revision is to supplement and improve the solid state disk (SSD) module of the advertising code specification. In addition, this system is also equipped with a network graphical interface management interface

this 3U high (5.25 inches, 133.4mm) maxcore IPC platform is only 508mm deep, so it can be installed in a 19 inch standard server rack. This system can use up to two built-in 1100W (AC) power supplies to provide up to 150W power output for each PCIe slot. This computing server platform can be equipped with up to three 1100W power supplies, so that the system has sufficient redundant power supply. In addition, even if the platform operates at an output power of up to 1800W at a temperature of 40 ℃, its heat dissipation system can dissipate all the heat energy generated

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