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Yashili: three-layer composite film improves the quality of bag packaging

milk powder is a perishable food. Therefore, milk powder packaging is an important means to maintain the quality of milk powder. The quality requirements of domestic milk powder enterprises for milk powder packaging are mainly reflected in ensuring that milk powder has a long shelf life, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof caking, no odor, and no light. To meet these requirements, barrier is a very important aspect

milk powder is one of the five series products under Yashili. Manager Li of the company's quality control department believes that in the food field, milk powder is a class of products with very high requirements for packaging materials, and its requirements for packaging materials are mainly reflected in oxygen resistance, water resistance and odor resistance. Because milk powder contains a lot of fat, if it contacts with oxygen too much, the fat will be easily oxidized, resulting in clam flavor. Similarly, if the milk powder packaging material does not have a very high water resistance, the milk powder in the package is likely to agglomerate due to dampness, which will seriously lead to the breeding of microorganisms. Power problem: turn on the peculiar smell of the source smell of the experimental motor

for milk powder enterprises, the shelf life of products has always been a common concern. In order to obtain a longer shelf life of products, high barrier packaging materials are of course very important. The smaller the elastic deformation, but it is also closely related to whether the packaging bag is inflated. The distance between the equipment and the wall and surrounding things must be greater than or equal to 1500mm; relevant. According to manager Li of Yashili quality control department, Yashili nitrogen filled milk powder with high barrier packaging materials has a shelf life of up to 18 months, while the shelf life of milk powder without nitrogen filled packaging is generally only about 1 year

Yashili adopts three-layer composite film to improve the quality of bag packaging. The three-layer composite film is packaged by a three-layer composite film bag with a layer of biaxially oriented polypropylene film sandwiched with a layer of aluminum foil and a layer of polyethylene film. It is sealed by high-frequency electrothermal welding, which basically avoids the infiltration of light, moisture and gas, and also solves a series of problems of composite plastic film packaging, such as: the plastic film has poor heat insulation and light insulation performance, and milk powder is easy to deteriorate, which can only meet the needs of short-term storage; Fragile and easy to fold, easy to cause damage, etc

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