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Foreign technical regulations related to aluminum profiles

from a report "chromium free pretreatment effectively responds to the environment and the factory's limited requirements for chromium" (written by Charles R. Ike, bulk chemicals incorporated) at the 8th international aluminum extrusion technology special conference held in Orlando, USA in 2004, it is found that the EU and the United States have stipulated corresponding environmental protection regulations for aluminum profile spraying products. For example, the occupational safety and health administration of the United States (OSHA) and the National Institute of occupational safety and health have "regulation 66" on the limitation of hazardous materials (for cr6+) in the workshop environment atmosphere and the air pollution of organic solvents. Both the European Union (EU) and the United States stipulate that the use of chromium conversion coatings on motor vehicle parts is prohibited after 2007. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) f019 decree considers the aluminum profile waste containing conversion film after pretreatment as RCRA hazardous waste! At present, Europe has developed chromium free pretreatment process to improve vehicle performance, and many manufacturers no longer chrome the parts that need to be recycled

Japan also attaches great importance to environmental protection, abolishing the acrylic paint impregnation process that seriously pollutes the environment, and organizing relevant experts to study the environmental protection countermeasures of cr6+ in chromizing treatment. At present, spraying aluminum profiles are rarely produced in Japan, and almost all aluminum profiles are treated by electrophoretic painting process. Almost all aluminum spray products in China adopt chromizing pretreatment, which avoids the latter's treatment or phosphorus chromizing pretreatment due to unfavorable factors such as difficult process and easy blockage of its orifice. In order to avoid export trade barriers that may be caused by environmental protection, China should speed up the development process of chromium free pretreatment process and change the existing chromium pretreatment process or phosphorus chromium pretreatment process as soon as possible. In addition, for the requirements of product packaging, if there are no special requirements from customers, China's aluminum alloy products are basically carried out according to the packaging system that enterprises can cut into suitable lengths when placing. However, at present, domestic enterprises have a wide variety of packaging materials, and the basic beauty of organic coating surface packaging materials is recycled, compatibility test or biological explanation test, These can be kept clean and lubricated with grease or molybdenum disulfide; It will lead to environmental protection litigation against the packaging materials of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises are invited to conduct self environmental protection cycle assessment on the packaging materials

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