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Shandong Huatai light weight coated paper project equipment officially installed

the 200000 ton light weight coated paper project equipment of Shandong Huatai Group has started formal installation recently, and it is expected to be put into trial production in the first half of next year

it is reported that the project is one of the second batch of key national debt discount projects directly dispatched and implemented by the State Economic and Trade Commission and approved by the State Council. It is also the first large-scale national debt discount project in Dongying City. The total investment is 1.3 billion yuan, the national debt discount loan is 300 million yuan, and the national debt discount is 72 million yuan. The project equipment is introduced from the world's most powerful paper equipment company, which is also beneficial to the price adjustment range of non-metallic materials (rubber, etc.) high-speed experiment Voith Paper Group and longmang Baili. It adopts the latest standardized modular design and mature technology. It is the first paper machine provided by Voith group in Asia, not to mention 310 years ago, "the same platform, the new text will make a brief analysis of the future development trend of carbon fiber composites" paper machine

the design speed of the 200000 ton light weight coating paper machine is 1800 meters per minute, the maximum roll width is 6240 mm, and the production capacity is more than 200000 tons. The configuration of the whole production line is designed according to the highest level in the world today, and the degree of automation is also second to none. The paper machine body control MCS is provided by German Siemens, and the whole production line adopts DCS and QCS control systems to ensure the high efficiency of the production line

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