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YASKAWA robot touch screen maintenance

now let me introduce Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance_ It is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the experiment. Don't be too verbose! YASKAWA robot touch screen maintenance [Changzhou Lingke] Siemens 802C CNC system maintenance, Zhenjiang Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance experimental machine level: Level 1_ The service is assured. Zhangjiagang frequency converter maintenance, Taicang frequency converter maintenance have increased the safety maintenance in the process of product use, Hitachi frequency converter maintenance, Jingjiang frequency converter maintenance. The company was founded in 2014 and is a technical service company dedicated to the maintenance and sales of automation equipment

Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance_ Assured service Changzhou Lingke maintenance features: first, [reputation, honest transaction] second, [long-term sales, safety and stability] third, [satisfaction, service motivation] fourth, [sincere face, unlimited communication] fifth, [service, promise of excellence] sixth, [quality commitment, customer satisfaction] Changzhou Lingke automation is a company that integrates professional equipment maintenance, technical services, transformation, overhaul, sales Automation technology service company integrating non-standard automation and customization. The arrangement instructions of the main circuit wiring terminals for the touch screen maintenance of Yaskawa robot are as follows: 1) the input terminals of R, s and t frequency converters are connected to the power supply; 2) The output terminal of u, V, w frequency converter is connected to the motor; 3) Wall and primary terminal of DC circuit after P and N filtering; 4) At the wall end of P1 rectifier bridge output, a copper strip is used for short circuit between P1 end and P end when leaving the factory. When DC reactor DL needs to be connected, remove the copper strip and connect DL between P1 and p; 5) PE grounding terminal shows the situation of connecting DC reactor, braking unit and braking resistance. Overcurrent protection function: the object of overcurrent protection in the frequency converter mainly refers to the situation with sudden change and the peak value of current exceeds the allowable value of the frequency converter. Which company has been in charge of the maintenance of the CNC system of Zhenjiang tongkuai TRUMPF CNC milling machine? For many years, Lingke automation has served major enterprises attentively, With practical actions to fulfill the obligations of enterprises, help major enterprises in time and equipment, fundamentally reduce the losses of enterprises, and spare no effort to contribute to major enterprises and society

this current value will greatly increase the electrical stress of the motor winding and generate heat, thus reducing the service life of the motor. YASKAWA robot touch screen maintenance and variable frequency speed regulation can be started at zero speed and zero voltage (or appropriate torque can be added). Once the relationship between frequency and voltage is established, the frequency converter can drive the load to work according to v/f or vector control mode. Using variable frequency speed regulation can fully reduce the starting current and improve the bearing capacity of the winding. The direct benefit of users is that the maintenance cost of the motor will be further reduced and the service life of the motor will be correspondingly increased. (7) Reduce the voltage fluctuation of power line when the motor starts at power frequency, the current will increase sharply, and the voltage will also fluctuate greatly. The magnitude of voltage drop will depend on the power of the starting motor and the capacity of power distribution. Then we can check the fault flow chart layer by layer, so as to accumulate judgment experience. Before the formal maintenance of the circuit board, it is also necessary to prepare the necessary work and some information that will be used for maintenance assistance. Lenze Lenz explosion proof frequency converter maintenance_ Lingke should pay attention to the fact that it cannot rely too much on the tester in the daily maintenance and inspection of circuit boards. 1. Function test and parameter test are completely two tests. 2. For the function test, only the cut-off area, amplification area and saturation area of the device can be tested, and the working frequency and speed cannot be understood at all

Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance_ Service at ease, we will be a high degree of enthusiasm, superb technology for your unit to eliminate all power failures; And make every effort to ensure the smooth progress of production. With more than 20 years of maintenance experience, the company aims to build "industrialized maintenance of industrial control products". YASKAWA robot touch screen maintenance we promise "free inspection, no charge for any repair if it is not repaired! Siemens touch screen button non reactive maintenance, touch screen flower screen maintenance [servo amplifier maintenance] or speed up too frequently and for too long. Check the specification terminals T1 and T2 of the driver. No PTC or thermostat is connected or the monitoring is turned off (c0585=3) Ou overvoltage excessive braking energy (DC bus voltage is greater than the value Jianlu rc0173) Use the brake unit or brake power module and module or feedback module per program fault detection program to send the data controller (floppy disk) Lenz PI overvoltage protection detection drive parameter set is not matched, and set the triple array pr0pr1pr correctly to avoid the fault due to the wrong setting of 2pr3pr4 parameters due to impurities such as water

Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance Siemens 810D processing center is not enough to complete the start-up maintenance process: first, contact local customers, or directly to our company (in special circumstances, we can provide on-site maintenance services); Recommend the specific model, fault conditions and service requirements of your industrial control products to us. In addition, our company has a large number of standby industrial control products of various brands (such as PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter, servo driver, etc.), and you should also ask our business for a free borrowing agreement to implement borrowing. Free inspection, low charge, repaired on the same day

Yaskawa robot touch screen maintenance_ Service assured Siemens op010 panel 840D display maintenance center, fault detection and handling; Instead, change the duty cycle of the output voltage pulse, and the rotating speed (synchronous speed) of the rotating magnetic field immediately decreases. Generally, it is thunderstorm weather, so the temperature has a great impact on its life. Vector driver + asynchronous motor + current feedback, that is, asynchronous servo energy saving, simple installation, good power saving effect, and high cost performance. The main reason is that the internal heat dissipation of the frequency converter is not good, so the frequency converter must be cooled, Connecting 380V power supply to 220V inverter will cause machine explosion (capacitor explosion, varistor explosion, module explosion, etc.); 2. Check whether the sockets of the frequency converter have been correctly connected, so as to make necessary compensation according to the test results. The frequency converter maintenance personnel will visually inspect various components on these circuit boards, and install the frequency converter directly on the industrial site, including electronic components, machine electrolytic capacitors, etc

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