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YASKAWA electric machinery new robot Center settled in Chengdu

recently, the inauguration ceremony of Yaskawa electric machinery Chengdu new robot center was grandly held in Chengdu Guoteng science and technology park. Mr. Jinfu, relevant leaders of Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Commission and chairman of Yaskawa electric (China continues to run the forum country) Co., Ltd., attended the event. Chengdu new robot center is the third all-round robot center of Yaskawa electric in China after Shanghai and Guangzhou, which integrates five functions: exhibition, training, testing, scheme and after-sales

relevant leaders of Chengdu Municipal Commission of economy and information technology YASKAWA electric (this achievement in China "adds an amazing performance to good materials such as graphene") The chairman of Jinfu Co., Ltd. cut the ribbon together

Yaskawa started from the production of motors in 1915, from the Yaskawa of motors to the Yaskawa of automation and then to the Yaskawa of mechatronics. Since its establishment 100 years ago, Yaskawa has been committed to the development of industrial automation. In 2016, Yaskawa will start the next 100 year business strategic plan. The four major undertakings of Yaskawa electric are drive control, motion control, system engineering and robotics. YASKAWA robot is widely used in many fields around the world, such as automobile, mechanical processing, electronic and electrical manufacturing

the opening performance of the launching ceremony of President Jinfu and the leaders of the business division: Yangmen female general (drumming)

the new robot center attaches importance to personal visit, personal displacement stop and personal experience, and deepens users' understanding of automation applications by showing visitors the actual robot application scenarios in the production process of various factories. At the same time, according to the needs of customers, these two UV absorbers can be used in conjunction with various hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to test the actual scheme of various workpieces, so as to achieve the optimal combination of the user's workpieces with Yaskawa's robots, control technology and various peripheral equipment. In addition, the new robot center also has the function of robot training and education. Implement a full set of education and training on robot teaching and programming machine for students one-on-one. Chengdu new robot center will adopt robot training and education facilities of the same height as Shanghai robot center to realize the unity of the robot training and education content of Yaskawa in China

robot exhibition hall scene

robot exhibition hall scene

Training Classroom of Chengdu new robot center

Chengdu new robot center will introduce the most advanced and core technology of Yaskawa Japan, increase close cooperation with local robot system integrators in Chengdu, and improve the overall level of robot application technology in the region. At the same time, with the business stronghold of the western high tech Zone, Yaskawa further strengthened the provision of all-round Yaskawa automation solutions to customers in the western region, upgraded the Chengdu new robot center into a comprehensive machine and human center integrating sales, display, training, after-sales, new technology development, etc., and covered the entire central and western regions. YASKAWA will take this as the base for market development, integrate various market advantageous resources in Chengdu and relevant policy support, and build a strategic highland of Yaskawa robot in the western region, aiming to further expand the market share of Yaskawa's major products in China

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