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YASKAWA Shougang robot Co., Ltd. made a new appearance in Beijing Essen exhibition

from June 10 to 13, 2014, the 19th Essen Welding and cutting exhibition was held in Beijing. Sichuan Shougang robot Co., Ltd. made a new appearance in this exhibition as an industry leader, and showed its extraordinary strength in the field of welding automation through the theme of new words

new products: This Essen exhibition exhibited a new generation of robot products - two new robots, ma1440 and ms165 of Dx200 series. Among them, the design concept of ma1440 is to pursue the most suitable shape in the field of arc welding application. The fuselage adopts streamlined design, which increases the reachable range and reduces interference. The load is increased from 3kg of the old model to 6kg. It can carry various sensors and servo welding guns, and is suitable for internal/external welding gun cables. At the same time, the speed of each axis of ma1440 robot is 2015nbsp higher than that of the old model; The application seminar of rubber and plastic and innovative materials has increased by 5% - 10%, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved. Through the comparison between ms165 robot and es165 robot, the exhibition site vividly demonstrated the advantages of ms165 new robot. While the load increased and the volume decreased, it shortened the production beat, improved the speed, and realized high-efficiency and high-density equipment configuration by increasing the T-axis activity range, reducing the robot posture change, and increasing the number of points with the same posture

new function: new safety performance design. Dx200 series robots add a safety function base plate through a T-shaped groove on the surface of the workbench (base). The software in the robot and the UV light can be used to solidify it within 15 seconds to set a safe area, so as to monitor whether the robot body is in the safe area and prevent the collision between the robot and peripheral equipment. This function can realize the compact layout of robots, reduce the floor area and reduce the number of safety gratings. While enhancing the safety operation coefficient, it also saves a lot of costs for customers

new exhibition item: robot multifunctional welding production system is the latest exhibition item in this exhibition. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. The system shows the functional operations of robot automatic welding, handling, detection, marking, stud welding, loading and unloading, with a high degree of automation, which has been highly praised by the audience. Looking around this Essen exhibition, this exhibition is also the system integration exhibition with the highest degree of automation, which shows the super ability of system integration of Sichuan Shougang robot Co., Ltd

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