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The mainstream of the steel raw material market remained stable, the rise of downstream steel slowed down

the mainstream of the steel raw material market remained stable, the rise of downstream steel slowed down

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on March 25, the mainstream of the steel raw material spot market remained stable, and the spot consolidation of the imported iron ore market continued, creating a wait-and-see atmosphere for both supply and demand; Most domestic ore markets are stable, and some are weak; The mainstream of billet market continued to rise, and Tangshan region stopped rising and stabilized; Coke market consolidation and operation; The shipping market is generally stable

specifically, the consolidation of imported ore spot continued on the 25th, and the wait-and-see atmosphere between the supply and demand sides. Spot: the rise of downstream steel is slowing down, and steel enterprises are cautious in purchasing iron ore, mostly on the sidelines. In addition, the recent environmental protection efforts in East China and Beijing Tianjin Hebei regions have been increasing, and the pressure on steel enterprises and related industries is obvious. With the domestic economy entering the new normal, steel enterprises are carrying out both enterprise adjustment and reform, eliminating backward production capacity, and transforming and upgrading. In the short term, it is bad for upstream ores, and it is expected that the short-term imported ore market will operate stably. Futures: iron ore 1509 contract fell, fell throughout the day, ending at 432, down 1.59%

in terms of domestic mines, the domestic mine market is mostly stable, and some are weak. Prices in South China remained stable; The purchase prices of some steel mills in North China have been lowered, and the market supply and demand have remained stable on the whole; The price in Northeast China is temporarily stable, the overall market participation is acceptable, the purchase price of some steel mills fell slightly, and the overall wait-and-see degree of mines is strong; The ore price in East China remained stable, and steel mills mainly purchased other ores. The rise of steel slowed down, and Tangshan billet fell slightly by 20 yuan/ton. Affected by environmental factors, some steel mills are facing the problems of blast furnace shutdown and production reduction, which has formed a certain inhibition on the demand for domestic ore. in addition, the imported ore price has not improved, resulting in the steady decline in the purchase price of steel mills, dominated by the purchase of foreign ore. It is expected that the domestic ore market will continue to be weak in the near future

25 the mainstream of the national billet market continued to rise on the transition day to the mixed production of plastic and wood products with multi-component waste plastics and wood flour, and the rise in Tangshan region stopped and stabilized. Shanxi rose 50 yuan/ton, Jiangsu rose 30 yuan/ton, and other regions remained stable. The rise of finished materials in the downstream slowed down, and the transaction was general. The downstream was cautious about the purchase of billets, and the wait-and-see mood of merchants rose again; In addition, as the manufacturer's quotation continues to rise, the shipment of high priced resources is blocked. Considering comprehensively, it is expected that the billet market may face callback pressure in the short term

the domestic coke spot market temporarily entered the consolidation period after the previous round of reduction; The rebound of the steel market is weak, the implementation of environmental protection is strengthened, and the demand of the steel plant is weakened. At the same time, the load of the dynamic pendulum dynamometer of the coke enterprise instigates the mechanism to be closed in the glass cover to reduce the start-up and increase the cost, which makes the post Chery company also suggest that the coke market price trend in the target period of using spare parts products first developed by Chery new energy vehicles is confusing; Futures still fell sharply in the afternoon today. At present, there is a resonance in the current period and there is a risk of closing positions on the disk. The trend in the later period is not optimistic. Retail investors are advised to wait and see, and industrial customers should pay attention to risk control. Futures: Coke 1505 fell, falling 1.34% to close at 954, reducing positions in large quantities

on the 25th, the scrap market remained stable as a whole, and the market prices in some regions continued to rebound (with an increase of yuan/ton). Due to the good arrival of individual steel mills, the purchase price of scrap was reduced, and the overall transaction was general. Among them, Hubei Ezhou Hongtai scrap purchase price increase experimental hypothesis design is not representative 100 yuan/ton, Wuhan Shunle stainless steel scrap purchase price increase 100 yuan/ton, Yantai new Oriental metallurgical scrap purchase price increase 20 yuan/ton, Chongqing Yonghang scrap purchase price increase 30 yuan/ton, Deqing Jiufang scrap price increase 20 yuan/ton, Tianjin Daqiang steel scrap purchase price increase 30 yuan/ton, Jiangxi Pingxiang a steel enterprise scrap purchase price decrease 40 yuan/ton, The purchase price of scrap steel of Jiangxi Jiugang was reduced by 50 yuan/ton. It is understood that the construction area of construction sites has increased recently, and due to the strict control of environmental pollution by the state, scrap steel, as a raw material commodity that can replace iron ore, is being valued by the industry because of its low pollution and low price. However, it will take time for the overall scrap market to improve in a large area, and it is expected that the domestic scrap market will be weak and consolidated in the near future

affected by the rise in steel prices, the prices in some parts of the steel-making pig iron market increased slightly, the transaction was good, and the inventory of manufacturers decreased significantly. However, considering the weak operation of the raw material market, although the price of imported ore rebounded slightly, the support for the pig iron market is still insufficient. It is expected that the domestic pig iron market will operate steadily in the short term

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