The mainstream of the hottest curtain wall profile

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The mainstream of the future development of curtain wall profiles is thermal insulation steel (metal, glass)

thermal insulation steel (metal, glass) curtain wall, daylighting roof profiles are formed by rolling (drawing) of colored carbon steel plate, stainless steel composite steel plate, 21 building mortar stainless steel plate, titanium plate, titanium plate, and titanium plate, and daylighting roof profiles are the mainstream of the future development

thermal insulation steel (metal, glass) curtain wall and daylighting roof profile are rolled (drawn) with colored carbon steel plate, stainless steel composite steel plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate and titanium plate. The curtain wall and daylighting roof profile are the mainstream of future development - replacing aluminum profile

at present, the curtain wall profile rolled by steel plate in the market, due to the high heat transfer performance of metal steel plate and aluminum, makes the heat outside the room pass into the room through the curtain wall profile. In winter, the indoor curtain wall profile freezes and condenses

the curtain wall profile made of aluminum profile has low strength and large section, which affects the appearance and size design of the profile, and the cost is high. And promote the use of steel curtain wall profiles; With large strength, small section, good weldability, the highest cost performance and life price ratio, it can fully meet the requirements of architects for architectural art design, which is strange, difficult and shaped: large span, small section, large permeability, large lighting, returning nature to large indoor space, ventilated green environmental protection building materials

the heat insulation steel curtain wall profile adopts a special composite process, which solves the heat conduction problem of the steel curtain wall under the condition that the steel curtain wall profile has no joint gap. At the same time, a new connection mode of the curtain wall structure is proposed, which can make the insulating layer of the insulating glass of the steel curtain wall enter the Chinese market recently, and the thickness of the air insulation layer can reach 56mm. Sunshade curtains, sunshade blinds, and Refraction, light transmission and transparency can be processed into plate glass curtains of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses

the profile frame of thermal insulation steel curtain wall rolled with composite stainless steel plate or color coated steel plate is 50mm wide. It adopts semi shuttle design, with beautiful appearance and large lighting area. Especially the curtain wall made of composite stainless steel plate is noble and elegant, and the cost is lower than the existing aluminum alloy and stainless steel curtain wall. It has a broad market and is the direction of curtain wall development in the future

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